Lincecum Asking for a Record $13 Million MLB Betting

MLB betting has one of the best pitchers in the league being San Francisco’s Tim Lincecum.

He was dominant in baseball betting again last year as he won the National League Cy Young.  Lincecum is going to be well rewarded for that season as he is asking for a record $13 million in salary arbitration.

MLB betting had Lincecum looking for the largest arbitration award ever. The Giants are offering $8 million so unless the two sides reach an agreement, Lincecum is going to get one of the two figures and it is probably going to be the higher figure. Baseball betting indicates that the highest contracts ever awarded in arbitration were in 2006 as Alfonso Soriano got $10 million, Francisco Rodriguez who got $10 million in 2008 and Ryan Howard who also got $10 million in 2008.

Lincecum’s numbers are really unheard of when it comes to an arbitration case.  Baseball betting indicated that he has a 40-17 record with a 2.90 ERA in his brief career. In his first two full seasons he has won the Cy Young award twice. Just how much of a bargain was Lincecum last year?  He made a ridiculously low, $650,000.  He couldn’t do anything about it but now he will make substantially more money next MLB betting season.

The only other arbitration case that is similar to this one is what Ryan Howard had in 2008. He was the 2006 National League MVP and he did almost as much in 2007. MLB betting had the Phillies offering him $7 million but the arbitrator went with Howard’s request of $10 million.

It is very possible that the arbitrator will rule in favor of Lincecum if the two sides can’t work something out.  In the past two MLB betting seasons, Lincecum is 33-12 with a 2.55 ERA for a San Francisco team that doesn’t score a lot of runs.  He has led the league in strikeouts the last two baseball betting years. He is averaging 10.5 strikeouts per nine innings.  He leads the league in ERA, batting average against, winning percentage and strikeouts the last two MLB betting years.

With all of those types of MLB betting numbers, it would be in the best interest of the Giants to reach some sort of agreement since Lincecum has a lot of baseball stats on his side.