Laying the Wood When Making a Baseball Bet

Baseball bet is going to give you the option of laying big money on a regular basis. Do you want to be laying -200 or -300 in baseball betting.

It takes a lot to bounce back from those types of losses when you make a baseball bet.

Baseball bet odds can see underdogs winning games.  They are not going to win every time but even teams like Kansas City and Pittsburgh can pull off an upset.  Anything can happen in baseball betting.  You might have a pitcher like Tim Lincecum pitch a great game only to get pulled in the ninth inning and the bullpen loses the game. This happens as you make a baseball bet more often than it should.  Just because a team is a -200 or -300 favorite does not automatically mean they are a guaranteed winner.

Keep in mind that if you are laying -200 on a game and it loses you have to win two more games to make up for it.  You have to win 67% of your games just to break even laying 2-1 when making a baseball bet.  If you are looking at laying -300 you have to win 75% of your games just to break even.  That is a high wining percentage even with a dominant team against an also-ran. There are too many things that can happen in the course of a nine-inning baseball game and that makes laying the wood a risk in baseball betting.

There is a lot that can happen when you bet on a baseball game. You might be laying big money and get into a pitcher’s duel.  Sometimes a big favorite will play down to the level of their competition.  You just never know when you get involved in baseball betting.

There are some people who make a baseball bet that won’t ever lay big money.  They won’t even lay more than -150 when making a baseball bet.  That may be getting carried away but it is important to remember what you have to do to make up for losses when laying money.

When you are betting favorites you have to manage your money. You will need to have a bigger bankroll just in case things start to go bad.  Things may even out in the long run but you have to have the money to withstand a losing streak.