How Important Is a Baseball Betting Manager

An old adage of baseball betting is that a good manager is worth maybe five wins per season.

Then again, most teams will either win or lose without regard to who the manager is because with those 162 games the law of averages plays out and the real talent and teams are able to wear down the pretenders.

That being said there are managers who make a difference. Bobby Cox of Atlanta has led the Braves to fifteen consecutive playoff appearances. Cox has now seen the Braves through several evolutions on the roster and pitching staff and his success cannot be considered an accident.

The same is true of Tony LaRussa of St. Louis , who won previously with the White Sox and Oakland before turning St. Louis into a perennial pennant contender.

Yet while Cox and LaRussa rank as the very best managers in baseball betting season, their playoff records are sub par and each man has only one World Series Betting title despite all of their success and post season appearances. It has become evident with the evolution of the wild card and extra playoff rounds that there is quite a difference between managing the regular season and the playoffs. Cox and LaRussa have mastered the day to day grind of the regular season but their teams are often flat come October, perhaps from that constant grind.

Other managers have had success at a stop or two and then bombed out elsewhere. Seattle 's Mike Hargrove is a great example. As manager of the Cleveland Indians during the mid to late 1990's Hargrove led the Tribe to their greatest baseball era in almost fifty years, creating a renaissance of the sport in the city. When he departed for Baltimore he was crowned as the savior of the Orioles and yet was unable to even come close to duplicating his success with the Indians, nor did he in his maiden voyage with the Mariners last year. Jim Leyland won big at Pittsburgh and a World Series at Florida but fell flat on his face at Colorado , after considerable hype and now will try to turn around Detroit .

While a manager can make a difference good players make more of one.