Jimenez Becoming a Big Favorite vs. Baseball Lines

April 22nd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

There is not a pitcher in Major League Baseball who is hotter or who commands more respect vs. the baseball lines right now than Colorado’s Ubaldo Jimenez.

He is 8-1 on the season with an unbelievably low ERA of 0.99. In his last start against Houston, Jimenez allowed just one hit in seven innings as the Rockies won vs. the baseball odds by a score of 4-0. Baseball lines will be favoring Jimenez on a regular basis the way he is going.  Colorado has not had a great start to the season but they are still in the race in the National League West and Jimenez is a big reason why. Jimenez has been dominating this season and at times he has been simply unhittable.

Jimenez threw a no-hitter against Atlanta earlier this season and he looks capable of throwing another one this season. Just how good has Jimenez been this season vs. the baseball odds?  He has an ERA of below one which is unheard of for a starting pitcher in late May.  He has pitched 63 and a third innings and allowed just 36 hits.  He has 58 strikeouts and only 23 walks.  The most earned runs he has allowed in any start this season is two. Four times this season he has allowed no earned runs.  He has gone six innings in every start this season.  It is hard to find a weakness with Jimenez.  He is not perfect with his control and he doesn’t always finish games but overall he has been the best pitcher in baseball this season.  He is starting to command a lot of respect from the oddsmakers as well so the prices on Colorado should be high when he is on the mound.

Colorado is right in the mix in the National League West.  The San Diego Padres got off to a hot start but not many people believe the Padres can stay at the top.  The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants are expected to be competing with the Rockies for the top spot. Overall, the division race looks like it could be really tight.  The edge the Rockies may have in the National League West is Jimenez, as he looks unbeatable right now.


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