How A Baseball Winner Is A Value Loser on Baseball Betting

Few moments in sports carry as much significance as “Opening Day” in MLB Baseball betting.

That being said, the better and wiser of those who bet on baseball realize that the opening of the season is wide open with peril for the careless and those who are not prudent about shopping for value.

It isn't enough for a baseball  betting fans  to read one of the annual season preview magazines or surf the Internet to bone up on transactions, roster changes and managerial moves. The most important thing that the prudent baseball bettor can do is to ascertain value or lack thereof to each major league baseball team, pitcher and lineup.

Judging the value of a team is not as complicated as it may sound at first glance. First of all, check out a team's record against the betting line from last year, and even the past two or three seasons if possible.

An outstanding example of how to judge value is the 2005 New York Yankees. The Yankees finished 2005 with a record of 95-67 and yet they were a horrendous and money burning –3385 units against the sports betting line. How could that possibly be? It's because the Yankees have offered little or no value to baseball bettors for the past several years because they are such a popular, national, “name brand” team. The sports betting odds makers are acutely aware of the Yankees' popularity and that they are likely to get overloaded with “action” from the casual baseball bettor since the Bronx Bombers have the reputation as a power team. Thus, bettors are routinely laying out over $2.00 for $1.00 on Yankee games and often even more than that, which makes a loss on New York highly costly and a win hardly worth what one must lay out.

The serious baseball bettor will be weary of popular/public “name brand” teams such as the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs and look for quiet values that cost less in losses and bring in far more profits with victories. Value is the key to staying in the game for the entire baseball betting season.