Home Run Derby Odds AL Preview

Home Run Derby odds fans have seen plenty of success for the AL in recent editions of the MLB All Star Home Run betting.

The AL has the past two Home Run Derby odds contests and five of the past seven.  But one look at this year’s NL Home Run Derby odds lineup and its difficult not think that the AL’s run atop the Home Run Derby betting could be in jeopardy.

Home Run Derby odds are based on probability which is based on numbers. The Home Run Derby odds don’t lie and neither do the many more collective home runs hit by the NL team.  Nonetheless, sports –and especially not the Home Run Derby odds contest- are not a science and once the players take the field anything is possible.

Plus, the AL Home Run Derby odds team has an ace in the hole: defending champ Justin Morneau.  Morneau is one of the most complete hitters in the majors, but not your prototypical power hitter or Home Run Derby odds favorite. Nonetheless he’s got the Home Run Derby betting title prove he knows how to win this event and if anyone wants to claim the 2009 Home Run odds title they’ve got to go through him.

Also helping out in the AL cause is slugger Evan Longoria. Longoria is the reigning AL rookie of the year and a return customer to the Home Run Derby odds. But he’s got a classic stroke and puts batting practice pitches into the upper deck.  He’s only got 16 HRs leading up to the Home Run Derby odds contest, but he’s a streak hitter and could get hot.

Jason Bay has also been to the Home Run Derby odds competition once before and it wasn’t pretty.  But he’s found his groove in Boston and is one of the AL favorites in the Home Run Derby betting.  His NL East rival, Yankees 1B Mark Texiera, will join him on the AL’s Home Run Derby odds team. Texiera has also been to the Home Run Derby odds contest and also stunk the place up. These two have more motivation than most Home Run Derby odds entrants and that could become an interesting story line in this year’s contest.

Based on past experience, Morneau is the only one from the AL with a snowball’s chance of taking home the Home Run Derby odds title. The other tree AL teammates have a combined five homeruns in Home Run Derby odds action.