Home Run Derby NL Preview

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Home Run Derby odds makers like the NL’s chances this year. On the online sports book sites you’ll find plenty of complimentary comments about the NL’s Home Run Derby betting line up.

It’s no slight to the AL hitters, but on paper the NL group of sluggers looks to be one of the best groups the Junior league has sent to the Home Derby odds competition in years.

Home Run Derby odds always feature the leading home run hitters in both leagues prior to the All Star break. This year the NL has been blasting shots out of the park at a much higher frequency than the AL and that could say a lot about the upcoming Home Run Derby odds.  In fact, there are many sports book gurus who expect the NL to run away with this year’s Home Run Derby betting.

The MLB leader in HRs right now is Albert Pujols, the lynch pin of the NL’s Home Run Derby odds team. With two weeks left until the Home Run Derby betting actually goes down Pujols was the only player in the MLB with 30 or more HRs. To put this in perspective –in terms of the Home Run Derby odds- the AL’s top HR hitter has only 23 HRs at the same point in the season.  In fact, the AL only has two players with over 20 HRs, both of whom will be in the Home Run Derby odds, versus the NL which has seven players with over 20 HRs (not all of which will be featured in the Home Run Derby odds).

On paper, the NL should crush the AL in the Home Run Derby odds competition. Pujols will be the cleanup hitter on this roster of clean up hitters and he’ll have plenty of support when the Home Run Derby betting gets underway. Lance Berkman, a veteran of the Home Run Derby odds got the nod over some other hitters with more HRs so far in 2009, but his experience in the Home Run Derby odd will be a big bonus. Ryan Howard, another Home Run Derby odds veteran is also a favorite to win the thing.

Prince Fielder is a relative newcomer to the Home Run Derby odds but is a natural power hitter who can get on a streak and should be a nice compliment. Howard is the only former Homer Run Derby odds champ in the lineup but anyone of these guys could win this year and the Home Run Derby odds makers definitely like the NLs chances.

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