Handicapping World Series Odds

World Series odds are a bit different than regular season baseball odds. No, they don’t look any different other than the series price, but there are definitely different factors that go into handicapping World Series odds.

Let’s look at World Series betting and what might be different than regular season betting. World Series odds should be handicapped by first looking at the series price. These World Series odds are listed before the series begins and has one team favored over the other.

You are betting on which team will win the Series, not on which team will win individual games. The advantage to the series bet is that you don’t have to wager on each game. You can be in action the entire series with one wager versus the World Series odds. That is the first major difference between World Series betting and regular season betting.

Handicapping individual games in World Series odds can involve looking at the same basic information. You can begin with starting pitchers and look at recent performances. There is not nearly as much information available for World Series odds though because the teams usually have not faced each other unless they met in Interleague play and even then it wasn’t for very many games. Other factors beyond the stats may be important as you wager on World Series odds.

When handicapping World Series odds it is better to look at the overall strength, and more importantly, the chemistry of the two teams involved. Remember that World Series betting is a separate event and you want to keep that in mind as you handicap World Series odds. Take a look at past history as you begin to handicap World Series odds. The American League is almost always overpriced in the World Series because the league is thought of as stronger. Also remember that underdogs have more than held their own in the World Series. Let past history give you a little insight and always look to the underdog in World Series betting. That is your best tip to handicapping the World Series.

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