Handicapping a Baseball Bet Online

Baseball bet online handicapping for most gamblers begins with the starting pitcher.

There are many gamblers that only look at the starting pitcher when considering baseball betting. You can do better than most people though and look beyond the starting pitcher when making a baseball bet online.

Baseball bet online oddsmakers also look mainly at the starting pitcher. The fact is that oddsmakers spend less time making the baseball betting odds than they spend on any other sport because they only consider one main factor. Let's look beyond the starting pitcher though and consider other important factors when making a baseball bet online.

Baseball betting oddsmakers rarely look at anything besides the record of the two teams and the starting pitchers. The oddsmakers don't consider bullpens, injuries, umpires, trends, etc. They are blinded by the starting pitcher. We have to remember though that in today's baseball environment the starting pitcher goes just about 6 innings. That means a third of the game is left to the bullpen.

If your team doesn't have a good bullpen then you can't feel very secure with your baseball bet online wager. The bullpens are not factored into the baseball betting odds. It is 90% starting pitching and win/loss record. That is it. You may find some value if you dig a little deeper than the oddsmaker when you make a baseball bet online. There are many gamblers that consider other statistics and do quite well when making a baseball bet online. Many professional players won't make a baseball bet online on totals until they know who the umpire is behind the plate. Do you think the oddsmaker takes the home plate umpire into consideration? They don't. They don't look at any umpiring statistics at all. We already talked about the bullpen factor. Now we have two factors that the oddsmaker doesn't even consider when making a line.

What about the ballpark or lefty/righty matchups? Does the oddsmaker look at those? The simple answer is no. The odds are based almost entirely upon the starting pitcher for the day. That is all the oddsmaker looks at. If you want to make money this season you should consider umpires, lefty/righty trends, bullpens, ballparks, etc. when making a baseball bet online. Look beyond the starting pitcher and do a better job than the oddsmaker as you make a baseball bet online. You may find that making a baseball bet online becomes profitable.