Grind it Out Versus MLB Odds

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

MLB odds are on the board for over six months every year. That gives you a lot of chances to win and lose money.

If you want to be a winner versus baseball odds during the long season you must learn to grind it out and not expect a big score. MLB odds are based on money lines. That means you only worry about winning the game. What can sometimes happen as you are betting baseball odds is that you get carried away with things since games are occurring every single day.

Each team will play 162 regular season games, and then you have the baseball playoffs that run through October. As you look at the MLB odds you will have sides, based on money lines, totals, run lines and even parlays. With 15 games per day that means you have 30 choices on most days in baseball odds if you combine sides and totals. That is about 200 options per week in baseball odds and that is every single week for over six months. The only break in MLB odds is the three days during the All-Star break in mid-July.  That is a long time with MLB odds every single day.

Pitching is the key to baseball, both on the field and on the MLB odds board. Nowadays however, it isn’t enough to know a team’s starting pitcher as one must also have expertise on a team’s bullpen ranging from the skill to fatigue factors as you examine MLB odds. The daily grind of looking at pitching numbers and stats in MLB odds can get tiring if you are not focused. You can easily lose control and get upset after a loss versus the MLB odds. It is much more likely you will lose control in baseball because you have games every single day in MLB odds. With football you have an entire week to wait.  That is not the case with MLB odds since you have games every day.  If you want to be a winner versus baseball odds you need to get into the work mode where you grind it out slowly, not overreacting to anything during the long season.

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