Giants Will Win the 2010 Baseball Lines World Series Action

The long drought is over as the San Francisco Giants are going to hoist their first World Series title in more than half a century when they beat the Texas Rangers in the their baseball lines matchup.

After taking a game on the road in Game 5 in Dallas the Giants now own a commanding 3-1 lead in the 2010 World Series and the baseball odds are mightily against the Texas Rangers as they fight for survival.

The Giants’ starting pitching once again shut down the most potent offense in baseball.  The Rangers, the team that led the league in batting average and hits during the regular season and the post season (until the World Series) has been silence so far in the first 4 games of this year’s World Series.

Aside from a bit of a break out in Game 3 when the Rangers scored 4 runs in their only win of the Series this once deadly lineup has basically been shut down by terrific starting pitching.

What’s perhaps even more bizarre than the sudden silence of the Rangers bats has been the sudden explosion of runs coming from the Giants lineup?  This is a lineup that during the regular season didn’t have a single hitter bat over .300, drive in 100+ RBIs and only 2 players hit more than 20 HRs.

Yet through four games in this World Series the Giants are averaging 6.5 runs per game.  They the team has already scored more runs (26) than it normally scores in a month and there’s still at least one more game to play.

With one more game in Texas with DH in play and the teams’ aces set to take the mound again in Game 5 the Rangers just might get the best of the Giants in the baseball lines in that game.

But there should be little doubt as to the ultimate outcome of this World Series as the Giants will bring the World Series Trophy to San Francisco for the first time in the proud franchise’s history.  In fact, if you’re looking to play the baseball odds look for the Giants to win the World Series at home in 6 games.