Giants at Royals World Series Game 7 Betting Preview

October 29, 2014 MLB Baseball

overhead view of hitter and catcher waiting for pitchWe had predicted this series would be over in 6 games, but as all World Series betting goes there are many factors that come into play. Yesterday we expected the Giants edging out the Royals, but just barely. We also acknowledged that the Royals had the tools and the home field advantage that could potentially level the series in their favor. But we didn’t consider that they would do it in such a magnificent fashion.

The Royals not only beat the Giants, they hammered them 10 runs to nothing. And frankly, while we are still a bit salty that our prediction did not come true, we are very excited for game 7. How could you not be? After it IS game 7, the most thrilling game and frankly the most fitting way to end one of the most memorable post seasons in recent memory.

What can we expect in Game 7? Well, for starters, the Royals are hoping to keep the momentum they had last night. They showed great defense shutting down the Giants and they added dynamite to their bats, scoring 10 runs, the most they have done in the entire playoffs.

The Royals were out to prove a point as they brought the thunder in early in the game scoring 7 runs in the second inning. World Series betting odds were pretty much out the window at that point. The Royals turned the series on its head and they are coming strong on game 7, leaving them at the helm of capping a dream-like season.

The Giants crumbled on game 6 in a way that was not at all expected. And if they are going to win the pennant they will need to bring their A-Game. The last team to win a game 7 on the road was the 1979 Pittsburg Pirates.

The Giants are a resilient team, and should they win this team they will cement their dynasty in outstanding fashion. Our MLB betting pick for game 7 is that this will be a hard fought, close, low scoring game that will go to the Kansas City Royals.

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