Factoring the Umpire into Your Baseball Bet

Baseball bet wagers are made based on a wide variety of factors from a teams record to the starting pitcher, etc.

Rarely though, is the umpire factored in the MLB betting equation. Let’s look at the umpire factor and how it can impact your MLB betting choices as you make a baseball bet. Baseball bet handicapping based on umpires is not as difficult as you think. It is easy enough to find out who is behind the plate for your baseball bet after each series begins.

The first base umpire rotates to home plate so you always know after the first game of a series what the rotation will be as you make a baseball bet. The first game of each series is a bit more difficult because umpires are not announced until just before the game starts. That means you have to wait and get the rotation from a site like MLB.com.

There are umpires in baseball that have tendencies just like hitters or pitchers. Some umpires are under umpires while other umpires are over umpires in MLB betting. This is important to remember as you make a baseball bet. When you look at MLB betting it is always a good idea to know which umpire is behind the plate in the game you are playing.  You can always get that information as you make a baseball bet from the previous day’s boxscore if the series has already started. 

If it is the first game of a series and you want to make a baseball bet on that game you have to wait for warm-ups to find out who is behind the plate but you can get that information from the MLB website usually about an hour before the game begins. As you make a baseball bet don’t automatically discount the home plate umpire. They can be more of a factor than you might realize as you make a baseball bet. Many bettors ignore this factor as they make a baseball bet but they do so at their own peril. Take a look each day at the umpire rotation and take it into consideration the next time you are placing a baseball bet.