2019 National League Pennant Futures

Dodgers and Phillies Top Baseball Betting Games Choice for NL Pennant

March 5th, 2019 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

At the beginning of spring training Philadelphia was already a top tier favorite to win the National League.  But now that has completely exploded to a new level after the Phillies backed up the truck for Bryce Harper.  Harper just signed the biggest contract in baseball history and vowed to bring the title back to Philadelphia.  From this point the Phillies will be a consistent favorite for baseball betting games.  Not to be forgotten are the highly talented Los Angeles Dodgers. However, with back to back World Series losses there is a stigma of failure with LA.

2019 National League Pennant Futures

Date and Time:  Opening Day is March 28, 2019

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Los Angeles Dodgers

Certainly, Los Angeles rates considerable respect for their two consecutive National League pennants.  Yet the Dodgers have been one of the absolute worst values on the board for baseball betting games.  For example, LA went 92-71 last year for their straight up record.  Yet at the same time the Dodgers were one of the biggest bankroll busters in MLB with -2283 units lost.  To be exact Los Angeles is too much of a public team that is perpetually bet into overlay status.


Last season the Phillies were something of a surprise at 80-82.  That is because a much worse record was anticipated by gamblers.  In this situation Philadelphia could become the new Los Angeles.  The arrival of Harper poses a serious threat to their long-term value.  Causal gamblers will flock to the Phillies due to the hype of his contract.

Atlanta Braves

In this situation the Atlanta Braves may prove to be the best sportsbook value.  Likewise the Braves are not a public team despite winning the National League East last year.  It follows that Atlanta is using its old formula that was so successful a generation ago.  To be exact quality pitching and timely hitting combined to make the Braves National League East Division champions for 2018. In this situation Atlanta faces the challenge of a repeat without the element of surprise.  Certainly, opponents will be ready for the defending NL East champs this year.

Chicago Cubs

Increasingly it is hard to find a more consistent overlay than the Chicago Cubs.  In view of their immense public popularity and 2016 World Series title the Cubs simply draw too much casual money bet their way.  Also, the sentimentality with the Cubs good value is hard to find.   However, the Cubs have quality pitching that is the envy of almost all of baseball.

Bryce Harper

Consistent with the Bryce Harper mania is that his former team was a major flop last year.  Washington will certainly drop in the minds of the betting public without him.

Matchup to Watch

Summing up the Milwaukee Brewers offer the best baseball betting games value.  Led by Most Valuable Player Christian Yelich, the Crew won the National League Central Division title last season.  Subsequently Milwaukee is loaded on the mound.

2019 National League Pennant MLB Betting Odds Picks

To conclude the Milwaukee Brewers combine value and ability to make the top pick to win the NL pennant!

Baseball Betting Online Pick: Milwaukee Brewers!

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