Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners – MLB Betting

MLB betting on Friday includes a matchup in Seattle between the Mariners and Detroit Tigers.

Gamblers that bet on MLB action will have to decide whether or not they trust Detroit on the road as the Tigers are beginning a 9-game road trip on Friday.

MLB betting trends tell us that Detroit has won 13 of the last 20 games against Seattle and they are 6-5 in the last 11 games at Seattle. The Tigers have outscored the Mariners 123-99 in the last 20 games between the two teams as MLB betting statistics show.

Detroit was 34-47 last year on the road and that meant gamblers who bet on MLB action with Tigers on the road did not do well. Detroit continues to get more respect in MLB betting than they deserve. The Tigers really have not proven to be a reliable team in terms of MLB odds the past couple of seasons. This series against Seattle is a chance for Detroit to prove they can win on the road. The Tigers still have the offense to score some runs in MLB betting but their pitching is just so inconsistent.

The Mariners were simply not a good team last season versus the MLB odds. They were 35-46 at home which means gamblers who bet on MLB action with the Mariners at home lost all kinds of money. Seattle is going to be different this year and perhaps better in MLB betting. The Mariners have Ken Griffey Jr. back to excite the fans and they have a new manager who seems to understand how to do things right. The Mariners could be a surprise team in MLB betting in 2009.

The two teams have averaged just over 11 runs per game the past two seasons in their 20 meetings as MLB odds stats show. It is possible that opening day starters Felix Hernandez and Justin Verlander could be on the mound in this MLB betting matchup and if that is the case the total won’t be 11.

This is an interesting MLB betting series that could go under the radar a little bit. Detroit at Seattle might not attract big public attention but there are some interesting MLB betting trends that can make gamblers money.

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