Detroit at New York Mets on Saturday, March 13, 2010

April 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB games has the New York Mets and Detroit Tigers playing a split squad game on Saturday in Grapefruit League action. The Tigers may choose to keep a lot of their starters for their home game against the Yankees so the Mets could be a solid baseball betting favorite in this game. MLB betting on Detroit could be successful this season as the Tigers have a solid pitching rotation and a good lineup.  One of their pitchers that goes under the radar a little bit in MLB betting but that has a lot of talent is Rick Porcello.  He won 14 games a year ago and is already considered a future star. Porcello is actually younger than Washington Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg. “Our starter’s a year younger,” Detroit manager Jim Leyland said, “and he won 14 games last year.”

Last year Porcello made the rotation as a rookie but he was not being counted on as a major part of the rotation.  That is not the case this season as Detroit is heavily counting on him behind Justin Verlander.  The Tigers traded Edwin Jackson to Arizona so Porcello will be expected to pick up the slack. He is younger than Strasburg and at this point in his career he is better. “I just got started a little bit earlier, I guess,” Porcello said. “I mean, he came out of college and I came out of high school, so that’s really all it means right now. Once you’re out on the field, nobody cares how old you are. They’re trying to beat you, and you’re trying to beat them.” Porcello could be a pitcher to keep an eye on with the Tigers this season.

A lot is expected this season out of the New York Mets in baseball betting but they have so many questions that even in Spring Training it is hard to know what to expect out of the team.  The Mets have Johan Santana but he has not looked good this Spring.  Carlos Beltran is hurt, Jose Reyes doesn’t look fully recovered and the prospects for New York may be overrated to start this MLB betting season.  The Mets are still considered a contender in the National League but looking at the roster and all of their injury concerns, there is a lot that could go wrong again with New York this MLB betting year.


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