Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox on Sunday, March 7, 2010

September 8th, 2017 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting has the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox playing their rivalry series on Sunday.

It took a while for the White Sox to get going this spring as they just played their first game on Thursday. The Cubs and White Sox are considered MLB betting contenders this season and this game should be fun to watch.

Baseball betting has the Cubs going with either Jeff Samardzija or Tom Gorzelanny on Sunday in this matchup against the White Sox. A lot of attention will be on the White Sox in this game since Jake Peavy is expected to get the start. The White Sox could be a contender this season in MLB betting if Peavy pitches well. He is a key player for Chicago if they hope to win the American League Central. Manager Ozzie Guillen has said that he likes to win but in the exhibition season he is not too concerned. "You want to win as many games as you can, but I don’t care about wins and losses. I care about how we play. I’m going to concentrate more on how we play the game that particular day.” Guillen said, “Wins and losses, you can’t control that. I always truly believe what you build in Spring Training is what you’re going to take North. Regardless about the wins and losses, we’re going to play the way we’re going to play during the season."

The Cubs and White Sox will play six times during the regular season and they will also continue to meet in baseball betting this spring. They will even have games in Las Vegas on March 12 and 13th. The Cubs are considered a slightly better team than the White Sox and they have lower baseball betting odds to win the World Series. The Cubs are 16 to 1 to win the World Series while the White Sox are 20-1. Looking at the two divisions those odds really should be reversed since the American League Central is an easier division than the National League Central. The Cubs have to get past the Cardinals and that is probably unlikely while the White Sox have to get past the Twins and that seems more manageable. The Cubs are a big public team though and that is why they always have lower odds than they should in baseball betting.

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