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October 3rd, 2017 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting makes you consider details and reminds you to look at more than just individual statistics and consider streaks.

Baseball betting is the ultimate numbers game. There are many MLB betting fans that spend hours at a time pouring over baseball statistics, and more than a few gamblers love to try and plug in different number combinations in the quest for a winning angle.

Baseball betting is definitely about numbers and one of the main numbers to consider is winning and losing streaks. There are so many pertinent numbers that streak on either a positive or negative basis that baseball betting gamblers naturally gravitate to the game for this reason alone, regardless of its other appeals. And when it comes to streak there is an old gambling adage to remember in MLB betting.

If you bet on a streak you can lose only once, while if you bet against a streak you can lose many times. One of the biggest traps that many gamblers fall into is trying to bet on a quality or even power team when they are on a losing streak. The idea, of course, is to try and guess when the contending club will snap the losing streak and get back on track in baseball betting. The deeper theory is that a good team will soon be “due” to break out with a huge win in baseball betting. The problem is that they sometimes don’t get that win right away and, being a quality team, they still are likely laying money on the baseball betting boards most nights. If they keep losing, the MLB betting gambler can suffer a serious depletion of his bankroll in a short amount of time that will require weeks to replenish.

The opposite will also hold true for bad teams in baseball betting. Even teams like Kansas City and Pittsburgh can get hot and go on winning streaks in baseball betting. Many gamblers will lose money trying to break these winnings streaks in baseball betting. Again, it becomes trouble not only betting against a streak, but doing so with the heavy favorite in MLB betting.

There are also streaks on over/unders in baseball betting. Certain teams or pitchers may carry such streaks and it’s foolish to try and guess when they will end as, often times, the streak carries on for quite a while in baseball betting.

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