Challenges in 2015 for Major League Baseball

February 10, 2015 MLB Baseball

baseball player sliding into homeWith the football season now in our rear view mirror, we are taking some time to look at the NBA, NHL, NCAA BB and MLB for the present, and today we take a look at the 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) season and what the challenges are that face the American Baseball Stadiums.

For the most part the American baseball stadiums are experiencing good attendance at the game for the most part, but they need to create more passion for the fans at the stadiums, as they really lack the energy in the stadiums.

There has been a lot of talk about the slow pace of play in the games, timing clocks on pitchers, the teams decline offenses and some even considering defensive shift in the games. But if you happened to be in attendance, or saw on television what was taking place at the stadiums for the 2015 Baseball – Caribbean Series in San Juan, Puerto Rico, it was amazing what was taking place in the stands as well as on the playing field.

Today the MLB business is said to have set a record with $9 billion gross revenue in 2014, with healthy attendance records, large television ratings at the regional levels, and a lot less a sport with a lot less off the field controversies, of which the NFL has been experiencing lately. But it can, and should be better, and with a new commissioner it just may be the time to review some of those topics.

The question’s the MLB faces in 2015 is how the leagues should better its products, to accommodate the changing tastes of the consumers/fans?

Honestly, many present American fans, especially the younger aged, will state very candidly that the game of baseball is boring. Some times that criticism is just. But for others the game of baseball can be the perfect sport, with times of great power and exhibitions of athletic abilities, built around natural breaks in the game, thus fans can discuss what took place, and what might happen next.

In that manner baseball fares well, but faring is not the trends of sports fans in 2015, and that what needs to be reviewed. As it should be the objective of MLB to better the experience fans get from watching a MLB game. Primarily, they changes should not be on the field of play, but off the playing field.

I attended the 2015 Baseball Caribbean Series and spoke with a scout for a top team in MLB who has attended baseball game in about 12 different countries apart from the United States, and he said the crowds in the United States are very quiet compared to other countries.

In the game I attended with Cuba playing Puerto Rico which Cuba won 3-2 the stadium was anything but quiet. A crowd of more than 18,000 were singing dancing, with the music in harmony with the noise, and at the right moments, and the fans were not being prompted by a scoreboard or a live game announcer.

We see more of this type of fan action at college and NFL football games, soccer games why not baseball? The baseball stadiums in the USA are sold out many times, but they lack the Latin mentality of loving their baseball.

If you Bet on MLB at an Online sportbook, baseball is entering a new era that includes how the game is played, and it also should be just as important to review how the game is viewed and promote more fan participation.

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