Cactus League Gets Spring Training Attention

April 26th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting in spring training used to be all about the Grapefruit League with so many teams playing in Florida. Those days are ending now as more and more teams are heading west to train in Arizona and play in the Cactus League for spring training. Baseball betting is sometimes more unpredictable in the Cactus League because more runs are scored but the games sure are exciting.

MLB betting on the Cactus League has 15 teams playing in Arizona. 13 of the 15 teams are located in the Phoenix area while the other two, Colorado and Arizona are in Tucson.  Next season even those two teams will be in the Phoenix area so travel for each team is going to be easy. Teams are oftentimes sharing a stadium and that makes things so easy for travel and for costs.  Seattle and San Diego started that trend first in Peoria, Arizona and now more teams are doing it. MLB betting has the Rangers and Royals training in Surprise, Arizona while the Dodgers are White Sox are in Glendale. MLB betting has the Indians and Reds in Goodyear.  The Grapefruit League is way behind this trend and teams are simply sick of the travel and the costs associated with Florida.  The Cardinals and Marlins do play in Jupiter, Florida but most of the teams have their own stadium.

It didn’t use to be this way in MLB betting. The Cactus League was nothing just a few years ago.  There were a few times out in Arizona but most of the baseball betting action was in Florida.  The Cactus League has been favorable to baseball teams and unless the Cubs ruin it for everyone else, it should stay that way. Chicago tried to get funding for new stadium in Mesa but the other teams are opposing that plan since it would add costs to all of the ticket prices.

MLB betting in spring training has the early games in Florida while the games in Arizona start later.  Big name teams like the Yankees and Dodgers are in Florida in baseball betting but Arizona has proven to be the place that is more favorable to teams in terms of cost, travel and even weather.

MLB betting doesn’t get a lot of attention in spring training but the games are on the board and money can be made in baseball betting in the month of March.


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