Bullpens Matter in Baseball Betting

Baseball betting requires you to go an extra mile and spend some time studying bullpens.

Baseball betting seems to be all about pitching. Many times in MLB betting gamblers will place a significant amount of emphasis on starting pitching, which is understandable but rarely do these gamblers look at bullpens.

Baseball betting has changed over the past decade.  In this era of baseball betting the bullpen has never been more important to a team's success, as starters rarely complete games any more, and in fact rarely make it through the seventh inning. It has gotten to the point now in this specialized era of baseball in which teams not only have the traditional closer, but also have a setup man, a middle relief man, and a mop up man. If you want to go to a place that too few gamblers visit in baseball betting, try the relief pitching statistics as they can point you towards significant profits.

Oftentimes in baseball betting you will see that the teams with the worst bullpen ERA have the worst MLB betting numbers. If you go to the other end of that spectrum you will oftentimes find that teams that have a great bullpen ERA will be the leaders in MLB betting. There is nothing more frustrating in baseball betting than to have money on a good starting pitcher that does his job before handing the ball over to a bullpen that bows the game, and your bet. A baseball betting gambler that takes the time to find out who has the best bullpens, and which teams have nothing is putting himself at least one step ahead of the masses. Doing bullpen research takes just a few minutes and yet is a far more effective and valuable use of handicapping time by MLB betting gamblers.

As you look at baseball betting lines this season don’t just blindly look at the starting pitchers. Take the time in your baseball betting research to look at the bullpens.  It will be worth the effort and could lead you to winners in baseball betting.