Braves and Mets in Sunday Baseball Futures on ESPN

Baseball futures on Sunday night feature the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets in a game that can be seen on ESPN.

The Braves have dominated the Mets in recent play and they could be the baseball betting choice in this finale of a three-game series.

Baseball futures actually favor Atlanta now more than the Mets.  New York is not really considered a contender in the National League East while the Braves are getting some respect.  Before this series began the Braves had won 15 of the last 20 games against New York.  The power in the National League has shifted to Philadelphia.  The Braves are a contender though while the Mets remain overpriced and overhyped. New York still has injury concerns and that is another reason they are not likely to contend this season.

The Braves have a player on the team this year that is making a major difference. Jason Heyward was covered extensively in Spring Training and he was thought to be a player to watch this season. He has not disappointed early in the year as he continues to impact baseball betting results.  The city of Atlanta is very excited about the Braves rookie.  "He's having an effect in Atlanta and an effect throughout the country," Braves chairman and CEO Terry McGuirk said. "Everywhere I go, they are talking about Jason Heyward. You expect the buzz to be here, but you don't expect it to be as high as it is everywhere else."

In the first 12 games of the season, Heyward had a team-high 15 RBIs. "He's a special kid," Braves pitcher Jair Jurrjens said. Atlanta is hoping that Heyward is better than the last player who the team thought was a future superstar. A few years ago Jeff Francoeur was on that path but he was a major disappointment.  Heyward looks to be a far better player and a more mature player than Francoeur ever was.  He is also getting Atlanta excited about baseball. "He has excited these fans," manager Bobby Cox said. "We're getting some pretty decent crowds right now with some teams that we don't normally draw that well with. He's a big part of that."

The Braves are now more of a draw in baseball futures because of Heyward and that is one reason that ESPN is featuring them on Sunday night baseball against the Mets.