Betting World Series Odds

World Series odds are probably the most popular baseball betting odds of the season.

World Series betting is like betting on the Super Bowl or NBA Championship because it is the end of the season and all of the games are important. They are also on TV and that always makes World Series odds exciting.

World Series odds involve a seven-game series. This means we have the choice of betting on a team in World Series odds before the series begins. If we make a series bet all we care about is our team winning the best of seven game series in World Series betting. Individual games are not as important and we are alive for the entire series with World Series odds.

The next option when we look at World Series odds is to bet just to win one game. This is simple and is just like a regular season bet. We can, however, continue to take one particular team in hopes they win at least one game in World Series betting. This is kind of a mini-martingale as we are looking to bet a team hoping they don’t get swept in World Series odds. For example, let’s say the Red Sox are playing the Dodgers in the World Series and we like Boston to win at least one game in World Series odds. We can take the Red Sox in Game One and continue to double our baseball bet until the Red Sox win a game. Our only risk comes into play if the Red Sox get swept in the World Series. We could do the same thing with the Dodgers if we don’t believe they will get swept. Other World Series betting options involve betting each game separately just as we would do during the regular season.

World Series odds have seen underdogs more than hold their own. The American League holds a slight edge in recent World Series odds but they are almost always overpriced. Value is usually with the National League. Also remember that many times the team with the better record does not win the World Series though. The best team (record wise) does not win the World Series as you might think. Look at the records of the two teams and take the worst one and you are likely to do pretty well in World Series odds.

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