Betting Major League Baseball: Pitcher’s Duel in the Big Apple 6/20 Mets vs. Yankees

The Cardinals and Cubs will be televised on TBS on Sunday and televised games always get more attention from gamblers betting Major League Baseball.

As if the prospect of a subway series in New York wasn’t enough to get people to get people interested in betting Major League baseball odds, how about a bona fide pitcher’s duel in the Big Apple? 

On Sunday, June 20th when the New York Yankees and the New York Mets battle in what has become the best betting Major league baseball opportunity in interleague play, both teams will be sending Cy Young Award winners to the mound in what in a matchup that should unleash all kinds of interesting MLB props and futures betting opportunities.

The Mets (39-28) enter the weekend just a .5 behind the Atlanta Braves while the Yankees (41-25) find themselves deadlocked with the Rays in the AL East and what betting Major League baseball proposition that presents.

Both teams are desperate to win Sunday’s game in order to stay at the top of their respective divisions and aside from that motivation the bragging rights for betting Major League Baseball action in New York are also up for grabs.           

But the real reason why you should tune into this game is you’re betting Major League baseball action on Sunday is the chance to see two of the finest pitchers in baseball go head to head in what could be one of the finest pitching duels of the season.  It’s not very often that the stars align in such a way in interleague betting that both teams have their #1 starter on the mound on the same night so take advantage of this great betting Major League baseball opportunity.

The Yankees will send their bread and butter, CC Sabathia (7-3, 4.00 ERA) to the hill to face the Mets ace, Johan Santana (5-3, 3.13).  Neither pitcher is off to the greatest start of their illustrious careers but both have steadily improved over the past month an you can be sure they’ll be bringing their ‘A Game’ to this matchup.

Anyone thinking of betting Major League baseball this Sunday should definitely make this game their game of choice.  With the crazy atmosphere of a subway series and two of the best pitchers in baseball betting, what’s not to like about this prospective betting Major League baseball matchup?