Betting on Baseball: Is this the year for the Cubs?

November 11th, 2019 MLB Baseball

Betting on Baseball: Is this the year for the Cubs? The world witnessed last season an awakening and the first glimpses onto what could be the biggest story in professional sports of the decade. Fans betting on baseball are eagerly awaiting the upcoming season, and the chance to see if the Chicago Cubs are going to finally break the curse. All the ingredients appear to be there and the planets seem to be aligning. Heck, Barrack Obama just went to Cuba and there is talk that the trade embargo will finally be lifted once and for all! So, Cubs’ fans are twitching with excitement and with good reason, all these different things could be falling into place.

Already the sports media and other online sportsbook specialists have started to use the moniker “Summer of Cubs” to describe how optimistic they are of this Chicago Cubs organization, and how the team is being built up to not only get that elusive pennant. However with a long season ahead of them, we take a closer peak at their real chances at one of the online sportsbook favorites to fare this season.

At the time of writing this article the odds posted for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series are at +550, making them the overall favorites in all MLB betting. Looking into the Cubs roster and their rotation, their upper management has been doing something pretty smart for the past couple of years, they are building a team that is capable of winning one pennant, and then another one and another one, and so on. They are literally swinging for the fences and seeking of laying the foundations of what could be a dynasty for the next 10 years. Imagine that, the Chicago Cubs becoming something sort of like the New England Patriots of Baseball. Bet you didn’t think you would be reading a statement like that ever.

But what exactly makes for this Cubs team that has fans betting on baseball so enticed? Well, their offensive power is very impressive. Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist are excellent additions to a lineup that already featured Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwaber, Addison Russell and Jorge Soler. The later three are very promising youngsters with great batting skills. Defensively, their outfield is strong and their additions not only fortify their batting game, but also their defense.

Their pitching department has also been improved and it now has the depth that many thought was lacking for them when the season was coming to a close. John Lackey joins Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester as the third starter, providing a well rounded bullpen that has MLB betting experts taking notice on the Cubs.

Furthermore, the Bullpen is also stronger this season. Overall their rotation has enough throwing talent to make the Chicago Cubs a more serious threat than any other team in the league. Yet, what experts betting on baseball are also seeing is that this team is young, filled with talent with enough promise to leave a lasting impact on the league for seasons to come. However, in order to make history, they first need to get that first pennant, once they have achieved that, anything is possible.

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