Betting Baseball Early in the Year

Betting baseball in the early part the season can be perilous if you are not careful.

Let’s look at some tips that can help you survive the early part of the MLB betting season. Betting baseball in the early part of the season means a lot of unpredictable results. Early in the season teams are not always going to play like they should. Here are a couple of tips to remember in early season MLB betting.  

You want to look for teams that have done well on the road. They should be more reliable than teams that are just winning at home. Another angle to consider is taking teams from last year that struggled that are playing well this season. The enthusiasm may not last, but early in the season these teams are oftentimes good best. Sometimes the best value teams in April are the teams that nobody wants to take when betting baseball because they were so bad last year.

On the opposite end when you are betting baseball are teams that are highly thought of that struggle early. Sometimes these teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, Twins, etc. will struggle through the first month of the season if they start slow. You can sometimes go against these teams for the first month of the season when you are betting baseball.  Make sure you pay attention to playoff teams from last year that get off to slow starts in MLB betting.

Early in the season as you are betting baseball, you don’t want to overreact anything. It is early and things will change. Don't start betting baseball with big money early in the season because it takes a while in baseball for things to get into form. There are worse things than not betting baseball everyday early in the season.

In addition to the pitchers, don’t overreact to league-wide trends.  You might see a lot of scoring early as you are betting baseball. You'll be tempted to bet overs later in the month in MLB betting because all the pitching stats are poor. Don’t overreact and do that when betting baseball. And don’t think you have everything figured out based on the first couple of weeks. Every year people look at the first week of the season and make their predictions for the whole year and start betting baseball accordingly. This is a mistake.  Wait and show patience this baseball season.