2010 Baseball Preseason Betting

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball preseason betting for 2010 begins on Tuesday, March 2nd when the Atlanta Braves play the New York Mets. A few other teams open up their schedules on Wednesday, March 3rd in MLB preseason betting while the majority of teams begin on Thursday, March 4th. Baseball preseason betting goes for just about a month since the regular season doesn’t begin until Sunday, April 4th. When you are looking to make a baseball preseason bet there are some things to keep in mind. First, there are no totals. Second, the prices you see will be very generic with most games in the range of -120 to -140. Later in the preseason you will start to see higher lines but early on the home team usually a slight favorite. The exceptions to that rule will be with power teams like the Yankees and Red Sox who will probably be laying -150 or so at home and maybe -120 on the road.

Another difference in baseball preseason betting is that the starting pitchers are not listed. The starters only go a few innings anyway so you will not seem them on the board when you bet on baseball preseason. That does not mean that starters are unimportant in the preseason. They just don’t get the same amount of attention, especially in the first couple of weeks. As the regular season gets closer, starters will begin to go longer and you may begin to see the prices rise on key starting pitchers like Tim Lincecum, CC Sabathia and others. You will have to check the websites though to find out who is starting because that information will not be on the odds board.

The exhibition season is all about finding good information. There is simply nothing on the odds board or any statistics that will help you pick winners in the month of March in baseball. What you need is the information about who is pitching for both teams, which starters are going to see action and for how long. Check the websites for each team to find out the latest information. Keep in mind that starters don’t play the full nine innings except late in the preseason and that makes the latter part of spring training games very unpredictable but they can also be very exciting.

Get ready to enjoy the Major League Baseball preseason games that begin in early March and continue until early April.


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