Baseball Pre-Season Betting on the New York Yankees

May 6th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball pre-season betting on the New York Yankees in 2008 will likely provide many useful insights into how confident one can be in baseball betting on the Yankees throughout the year.

On the one hand, Yankees MLB pre-season betting will be somewhat unexciting to some baseball betting enthusiasts because the roster is very similar to last year’s. However, the big change to New York’s roster has been with the arrival of new manager Joe Girardi, and our first glimpse of Girardi will be offered during MLB pre-season betting.Baseball pre-season betting on a team with a new manager sometimes is an indication of value due to the fact that players want to use the pre-season to prove themselves to the new manager. If a manager already has several years with a club then many baseball betting analysts believe that many players will not exert all of their effort during the MLB pre-season betting period because the players know they have the confidence of the manager.

However, with a new manager, virtually every player wants to show his abilities and prove his worth during the MLB pre-season betting period. Furthermore, the Yankees are returning from a disappointing finish to the 2007 season, in which they were ousted in the first round of the playoffs, so they may be looking to make a statement in the baseball pre-season betting period, which would obviously be relevant to your pre-season betting.

It will also be beneficial for baseball betting fans to pay attention to MLB pre-season betting on the Yankees because it will allow gamblers to see the new chemistry of the team. Every manager has his own style and Girardi will certainly differ from Torre in many ways. Torre was a very laid-back coach and he was sometimes criticized for this attitude, so many baseball betting experts believe Girardi will be somewhat more intense.

Nevertheless, many of the differences are hard to anticipate and our first insights into this team transformation will be provided during pre-season betting. As you do your pre-season betting it will be interesting to note how the different Yankees players react to this change and whether it seems to have benefited or detracted from the team. Any knowledge or insights you gain on this topic during MLB pre-season betting will definitely prove useful to your Yankees handicapping throughout the season.


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