Baseball Pre-Season Betting: consider the motivations

May 6th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball pre-season betting differs dramatically from regular season baseball betting because teams are not focused on earning victories, but rather preparing for the regular season.

In fact, the pre-season is handled differently by each team and differently from year to year, meaning that   pre-season betting should be strongly influenced by the team you are betting upon. A team’s roster and needs in the pre-season will likely influence its different motivations in the pre-season, which will in turn influence baseball pre-season betting on the team

MLB  pre-season betting should be handled differently for each team because each of Major League Baseball’s thirty teams enters the pre-season with different goals in mind. For instance, as 2008 baseball pre-season betting approaches, the champion Red Sox will be looking to build some continuity from last season after a short offseason, the Mets will be attempting to set a blank slate after last year’s debacle, the Dodgers players will all be proving themselves to new manager Joe Torre, and the Tigers will be looking to form chemistry in the clubhouse after acquiring numerous top players in the offseason, such as Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis.

Knowing this type of information can be hugely beneficial to your MLB pre-season betting and can actually mean the difference between profitable baseball pre-season betting and unprofitable baseball pre-season betting.

As baseball betting fans better understand the different factors influencing a team’s pre-season, these baseball betting fans can quickly can an advantage in predicting the team’s motivation to play hard and win. For instance, MLB pre-season betting on the Dodgers may offer significant potential as all of the players attempt to do their best in front of Torre. The Tigers may be another promising MLB pre-season betting prospect because they will be initiating so many top players into the clubhouse, so they want to build chemistry in a positive environment, rather than by slacking on the field. The Red Sox, on the other hand, may relax during the MLB pre-season betting period because they have had a shorter break than most teams and they have relatively few adjustments to make from last year.

Sometimes these baseball pre-season betting variables can be predicted before the pre-season begins and sometimes they become apparent only once the first few games of the MLB pre-season betting period have begun, but either way, these factors can provide huge advantages to the most perceptive baseball betting enthusiasts.


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