Baseball Pre-Season Betting on the Boston Red Sox

Baseball pre-season betting on the Boston Red Sox in 2008 may only offer limited excitement to baseball betting fans still relishing the memory of them winning the World Series in a sweep of the Rockies last season.

Many baseball betting analysts are already predicting the team will repeat in 2008 with a World Series victory, yet such success may not necessarily be an indication of baseball pre-season betting value. In fact, some baseball betting fans looking towards 2008 baseball pre-season betting predict that Boston will often be a very unwise wager.

Baseball pre-season betting is vastly distinct from regular season baseball betting because winning is not nearly as important in the baseball pre-season betting period. For the Red Sox, the pre-season provides particularly little motivation in 2008, meaning the team may play far below its potential. This projected lack of baseball pre-season betting value is based on a variety of factors.

Firstly, the Red Sox have not been involved in any major transactions during the offseason, and are therefore basically returning with the same core that hoisted the World Series trophy last October. Consequently, the players are already accustomed to playing with one another and do not need to use the pre-season as practice to build chemistry.

Baseball pre-season betting on the Red Sox also looks unpromising because the team had a shorter offseason than nearly any other team and will likely be playing well into the postseason once again. As a result, the Red Sox likely do not want to tire themselves out or risk injury during the baseball pre-season betting period. In fact, the fear of injury during the baseball pre-season betting period may be even more significant for the Red Sox this year because of the recent injury suffered by Curt Schilling, which is certainly on the minds of players and staff.

The factors listed above may lead to the Red Sox conserving themselves during the pre-season rather than giving all of their effort every game, which will certainly impact baseball pre-season betting on Boston. Also, it is likely that the baseball pre-season betting odds will demand a lot from the Red Sox after last year’s championship.

Many baseball betting fans expect the Red Sox to be a top team, even in the pre-season, and this fact may mean the baseball pre-season betting lines are set too high for a Red Sox squad relatively uninterested in winning.