Baseball Odds Predictions on AL Division Winners

May 8th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball odds fans still have plenty of action to look forward to in the MLB regular season.But since baseball is such a stats and predictions driven sport it’s never to soon to start predicting the baseball betting odds of certain teams to win their respective divisions. With several tight races in the AL MLB odds right now, it’s not the easiest exercise in baseball betting odds but certainly one worth undertaking.

MLB odds have seen a relatively small amount of turnover in the division winners over the past few years and there likely won’t’ be a lot of change in the baseball odds division winners this year either. In the AL West the race seems all but over with the LA Angels way out in front of their baseball betting odds competition. In fact, after two thirds of the baseball odds season the Angels sit atop the standings with a very comfortable 8.5 game lead over this closest competition in the baseball betting odds. The team also is the only team in Majors with 60+ wins at the moment and seems all but a lock to take the pennant, yet again. The Angels deserve much credit as the AL West is no cake walk and is much more competitive than other division in the baseball betting odds. The Angels have great hitting and one of the best pitching staffs in the MLB odds. This team should make some noise in the post season as well.

In the AL Central the White Sox has a slight lead in the MLB odds standings but Minnesota is charging hard for the pennant as well. Chicago leads by just 1.5 games and this could be the tightest race in the MLB odds to handicap. Both teams have their flaws but also plenty of strengths that appeal to the MLB odds experts. And in many ways both teams are quite similar with a few great bats spread across their lineups and very solid all around pitching. But both of these teams will also have to hold off the hard charging Tigers who have one of the most talented rosters in the baseball odds. In fact, the Tigers have gotten very of late and could easily overtake both teams in the MLB odds. In reality two teams could escape the AL Central odds and qualify for the baseball post season and if this did happen one of these would likely be the Tigers.

The AL East is the most competitive division in the MLB odds at the moment and it’s anybody’s’ guess as to which teams will win the pennant. But one thing is all but certain, the runner up in this division will also be the AL MLB odds wild card and so expect to see both the Red Sox and Yankees back in the playoffs as the Rays tail off.


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