Baseball Odds and Pitching Statistics

May 8th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball odds definitely take pitching into account. Since pitching is such a huge part of the overall baseball betting equation it is important for gamblers to know how to take certain pitching situations and turn them into their favor.

MLB odds give you a lot of statistics to look at.  A good place to start when studying pitchers in online sports betting is their walks to innings ratio. Pitchers that walk a lot of batters will often have themselves in jams that lead to multiple run innings and that is important to consider when betting baseball odds. Another good combination to pay attention to in MLB odds is when such pitchers are taking the hill the day after their team’s bullpen saw a lot of action. This is both an excellent combination for betting the over in baseball odds or for outright opposition against such a pitcher and his team.

One of the biggest mistakes made by online betting gamblers betting MLB odds is when they get cute and try and take a shot against an ace pitcher because of the big price of the opposition, usually these days at well over +200. There is a reason the baseball betting odds have top shelf pitchers favored by such high prices and that is because they are most likely to win. It is foolish for an online sports betting gambler to allow himself to be trapped with the underdog in MLB odds.

A mirror opposite of pitchers with high walk ratios are, of course, those pitchers that have excellent control and good walk to innings ratios in MLB odds. These pitchers will avoid jams and keep games under control, which makes for a good shot at the under in MLB odds when they take the hill.

Another important factor to always check in regards to pitching in MLB odds is to make sure that the team that you are considering a wager on his its bullpen rested, particularly their closer, but even their best setup man. Relief pitching is every bit as important as starting pitching nowadays in baseball odds and if a team is going to have a short pen it is worth avoiding.

Finally, a good rule of thumb is to take a team with a winning record on the road against the home team’s fourth or fifth starter in MLB betting odds. This is a great way to get yourself some extra value against the MLB betting odds.


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