Baseball Lines Preview: Red Sox vs. Rays in AL East Classic

You won’t be seeing the name of Carlos Zambrano on the MLB odds board anytime soon.

Two of the best teams in the AL East will go head to head in the baseball lines on July 6th and no matter who takes the victory the New York Yankees will be the big winners without even taking the field. 

As usual the AL East is home to the best teams in the baseball odds action once again the 2010 baseball betting season.  The New York Yankees (50-31), Boston Red Sox (49-33) and the Tampa Bay Rays (48-33) are all among the top five team in the MLB odds action and fighting each other to the death to try and make the postseason.

Every time any of these teams plays one another it has the potential to affect the baseball playoff betting scene.  Every game is crucial and no team can afford to lose. 

When the Red Sox travel to Tampa Bay to play the Rays on July 6th baseball lines fans will be treated to some great baseball action.  And while these two teams beat each other up on the field the Yankees could end up increasing their slim 1.5 game lead in the AL East with a Boston loss.

The Rays will have home field advantage but that’s not saying a whole lot considering that the Rays stadium is a dump and the team is just 20-19 at home this season.

Boston may be playing on the road but they’ll be favored in the baseball lines simply because of their starting pitcher.  Clayton Buchholz has been as good as any starter in the AL this season with a record of 10-4 and a 2.45 ERA.  He’s been nearly unhittable and if he can work 7 innings in Tampa the Sox will take this game.

The Rays will be sending an impressive pitcher of their own to the mound, Jeff Neiman,  whose 6-2 records and 2.8 ERA compare favorably with Buchholz’ numbers.  However Neiman hasn’t been getting the run support that he’s needed in his past two starts and the Rays are just now starting to emerge from their worst slump of the baseball odds season.

Both teams are just 6-4 over the past 10 ten games but luck for Buchholz to be the difference maker in this Red Sox baseball lines victory.