Baseball Gambling Totals & Umpires

May 9th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball gambling players that bet totals should really look at studying umpires. The home plate umpire is the person who has the greatest influence in a game since he calls the balls and strikes. Let’s take look at umpires as they relate to MLB gambling totals. MLB gambling in regards to totals and umpires begins by looking at the umpire rotation. Umpires rotate from third to second to first and then to home. The home plate umpire goes to third base and it starts all over.

You will know who the umpire is behind home plate for every game you are considering in online gambling baseball action in advance except the first game of a new series. To get the home plate umpire for a new series for your baseball gambling you have to go to and look at warmups before the game begins. If you are going to bet the over or the under in online MLB baseball action then, wouldn’t it make sense to have an umpire that would help your cause? As an example, if there is a game in MLB gambling you are considering for an Over play and the home plate umpire has shown a very strong tendency toward Overs then your play will be a strong one. Conversely, if the home plate umpire has shown a strong tendency to be involved in under games, you might want to downgrade the play or not play it at all in baseball gambling.

You can get umpire stats for MLB gambling from various Internet sites that will show past history of each umpire and his over and under tendencies sometimes going back 10 years or more. You may not want to go back that far however for your online gambling baseball stats and here is why. You really should only look at the past 3-5 years for your umpire stats in baseball gambling. Some umpires changed the way they all the game because of the computerized system that started grading them. Umpires that used to call a game one way changed their thinking. That is why looking back 10 years may do you no good in baseball gambling. Looking back just 3-5 years gives you a much better idea of the current form of the umpire as they apply to online gambling MLB wagering.

As you look at baseball gambling, specifically baseball totals, always consider the home plate umpire. You may also want to consider the umpire for side plays as well, but home/away data for umpires has not proven quite as reliable in MLB gambling.


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