Baseball Betting Ups and Downs

May 10th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting is the one sport that has more ups and downs than any other in the industry. MLB betting fans get excited in April when the season begins but when things start going wrong many MLB betting gamblers tend to get frustrated. MLB betting has gamblers overreacting to one bad day and treating the season as a sprint rather than a marathon.

MLB betting gamblers lose money by constantly changing their approach, outlook, and philosophy based on the emotions of each day’s winning and losing. On most days there are 15 baseball games scheduled. That is approximately 30 MLB betting possibilities just on money line sides and totals alone, not even counting the run line and parlays. That is over 200 potential selections per week. Even more astounding to consider is at the end of the baseball betting season you will have had over 4,800 money line side and total possibilities.

To win at MLB betting a gambler must adopt the same mentality as a championship team. Even teams have slumps and hurdles to get over throughout the season. The MLB betting gambler must be the same way. There are going to be times in which you suffer “bad beats” that cut to the bone and rip your guts out in MLB betting. You will lose games that you had marked as wins and you will experience times in which nothing goes right no matter how good your baseball betting handicapping was. These are the times that separate professional baseball betting gamblers from wannabe’s.

It is how the gambler handles adversity in MLB betting, as much as how he handles success that will determine his overall profit or loss come the end of October. Just as a poker player will lose with pocket aces you will, in MLB betting, lose with big leads or with the bases left loaded, etc. But just like poker players, you simply must move on to the next hand (game) and forget about it in baseball betting. Eventually, you will also win some games that you didn’t deserve and be on the right end of a “bad beat.” And when Lady Luck comes your way be sure and handle it with a level head, just as when you lost.  Remember that in baseball betting it is only one game of many that you will bet over the long season.


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