Baseball Betting Preview of the N.Y Mets at Padres

Baseball betting fans can easily recall the preseason buzz surrounding the New York Mets and all the bet on baseball potential that seemed to exist.

The team opened their new ballpark with great fan fare, got off to a great baseball betting start and looked to have the world in its palm. Now, as the Mets head to San Diego to take on the Padres on August 8th, they’ve become the laughing stock of the bet on baseball world and are better known for fights in the front office than their baseball betting prowess on the field.

Baseball betting standings in the NL East have been turned on their head since April. The Phillies are on top, which is a baseball betting surprise to no one, but the Mets are toiling in fourth place which seemed like it would have been a crazy bet on baseball in the offseason. With the acquisition of Francisco Rodriguez it seems as though the team has finally picked up the missing baseball betting piece of the puzzle. And with the new stadium and the excitement it seemed as if great things were in store in the 2009 baseball betting season.

Things hit rock bottom in July when the team couldn’t seem to win a baseball betting match up. But the Mets have quietly improved since then and now –improbably- the team is just 6.5 games out of the baseball betting wild card hunt. That may not sound all that impressive, but consider how far out of contention the team was a month ago.

The biggest problem for the Mets is that they have no power. With only player in double digits in HRs at the end of July (old man Gary Sheffield, 10 HRs) the team couldn’t hit its way out of a wet paper bag. But neither can the Padres, with exception of the very talented Adrian Gonzales (28 Hrs, 58 RBIs) this batting lineup stinks. When you’re team leader in BA is hitting a paltry .263 you’re bet on baseball chances are slim.

The Padres also lack pitching which greatly complicates their baseball betting possibilities. The great Jake Peavy has struggled (6-6, 3.97 ERA) and has been hampered by injuries. And that is why the team is battling for the worst record in baseball betting (40-62).

The Padres are good at home nearly .500 and so they should put up a good fight against a mediocre team like the Mets. However, the Mets should be able to take at least one game in this baseball betting series on the road and depending on who’s pitching, this could be the one.