Baseball Betting Preview of the Mets at Padres Game

August 29th, 2017 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting fans have seen in all with the New York Mets. This organization needs a circus tent, not a baseball diamond, as their bet on baseball postseason dreams grow dimmer and dimmer.

On August sixth the hapless Mets will take on the San Diego Padres at Petco Park in one of the most meaningless baseball betting match ups of the night.

Baseball betting experts will have a hard time handicapping this bet on baseball match up as neither team seems very capable of winning a game. The Mets were in contention in the NL East for about three weeks in April and have seen their playoff hopes and baseball betting success go down the toilet. The Padres are an NL West version of the Mets, but at least everyone knew the Padres would stink before the baseball betting season got underway. The bet on baseball failures of the Mets is somewhat of a surprise –somewhat.

Where to begin with the Mets? Aside from ace Johan Santana (11-8, 3.12 EA) and Fernando Nieve (7-3, 2.95 ERA) the starting pitching has struggled. Closer K-Rod has been a key acquisition and become the much needed closer this team has lacked over the past few seasons but he still has room to improve with three blown saves in 26 appearances. Middle relief has also been suspect and cost the team more than a few baseball betting wins.

But the real culprit for this team’s futility (and a bit of a surprise) is the team’s batting lineup. All-Star David Wright has held up his end of the bargain (.326 BA) and battery mate Carlos Beltran has improved from previous baseball betting seasons (.336 BA), but this team has power. With only senior citizen Gary Sheffield with double digit homers there are women’s softball teams that go hard with more frequency than this baseball betting club. Wright and Beltran have just 14 HRs combined, awful for the meat of any club let alone the Mets with a bazillion dollar payroll.

Still, even with this lack of power and all the front office circus stunts, the team is still mathematically in the baseball betting wildcard chase in the NL at seven games back.

The Padres, on the other hand have no chance of making the bet on baseball post season. With a 40-62 record they are one of the worst teams in baseball betting and the team has no pitching. Still this is a deceptively good team at home (24-26) and should hand the Mets yet another baseball betting loss on the road.

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