Baseball Betting Preview of Mariners at Royals Game

May 15th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting is full of great and historic rivalries and match ups. On August 4th if you’re looking for just such a showdown to make a bet on baseball you will not find it in this game.

When the Seattle Mariners travel to America’s heartland to take on the Kansas City Mariners it will not be a marquee baseball match up; but it could still be a very interesting game. Baseball fans, at least the great majority, will likely skip this game. At first glance you have two of the worst teams over the past few years. And in August, when so many baseball betting pennant races are heating up there are certainly much more entertaining match ups to place a bet on baseball.

But that assessment would be overlooking quite a few variables.

The biggest of these would be the fact that the Seattle Mariners are still in the thick of a baseball wild card race. Okay, so maybe the M’s aren’t exactly the front runners to claim a spot in the AL postseason but it’s quite possible. In the baseball standings, with over two months of the season to go, the Mariners are just 6.5 games back. The team isn’t on anyone’s short list to beat out the NL East teams, or even their division rival Rangers, but much stranger things have happened in baseball betting.

The Royals, on the other hand, after a very brief run at the top of the division to kick off the baseball season, have fizzled. KC has one again regained its position in the AL cellar and is now playing for draft positioning and little more. One of the worst teams in modern baseball betting history there is nothing positive to look forward to for this team. The lone bright spot is Zach Grienke and the tremendous season he’s having in the baseball completion which virtually no run support. If he were ever traded to a decent team in the bet on baseball competition he’d be a 20-game winner.

The Mariners should win this game on the road and help the Royals stay in the hunt for the number pick in next year’s baseball betting draft. The Royals are even worse at home (23-32) than they are on the road. The Mariners are a .500 club on the road and are harboring postseason dreams.

There are easier match ups on the board to bet on baseball for this night but Seattle shouldn’t have much trouble winning this one.


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