The Online Baseball Betting Pitcher Factor

May 15th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online baseball betting for many people involves looking at the starting pitcher and not much else. For some MLB betting gamblers the starting pitcher is sometimes the only factor that they look at. Is that a good idea though in online MLB betting? Online MLB betting lists the pitchers on every single game. The overemphasis on starting pitchers has become completely ridiculous in online baseball betting world. The MLB betting line is based nearly entirely on the starting pitcher and has been for many years. The problem with basing the online MLB betting line solely on the starting pitcher is that it doesn’t take into account many other factors. It is just like looking at only one part of a betting matchup.

Sometimes the online MLB betting line is made strictly on the starting pitcher with no other considerations given to anything else. Just look at the marquee pitchers and you will see. Pitchers like Johan Santana, Brandon Webb, Jake Peavy, and others are continually made huge favorites when they take to the mound regardless of any other factor. The online MLB betting oddsmaker does not look at the records, the bullpens, injuries, anything. They just look at starting pitchers and make a MLB betting line based only on the starters.

You have the opposite of the marquee pitching factor that can happen on a regular basis with the online baseball betting line as well when unknown or weak pitchers are on the mound. A team like the Cardinals or Twins might have an average pitcher going and the online MLB betting oddsmaker makes the price based only on the pitcher. They don’t take into account the lineups, the bullpens, etc.

In online baseball betting it is important to remember that starting pitchers only go an average of 6 innings or so. The bullpens become a huge factor in nearly every baseball game. The bullpens are not factored into the MLB betting line.  The online baseball betting oddsmaker looks at starting pitchers to the exclusion of just about everything else. You may find some value if you dig a little deeper than the online MLB betting oddsmaker. Take a look at more than the starting pitching matchup. Consider the bullpens, the lineups, the past history, the power ratings, etc. and you may find some very nice edges during the baseball season.


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