Baseball Betting Preview: Padres at Mariners

Baseball fans on the West Coast will have something to look forward to on June 23rd. They'll get to witness a little Left Coast inter league bet on baseball action when the Padres travel to Seattle to take on the Mariners.

Neither team is setting the baseball betting world on fire but there are still plenty of reasons to give this online betting match up a chance.

Baseball betting is one of sport's great mysteries for the simple reason that on any night any team, no matter how good or how bad, can come out on top in the bet on baseball lines. And since both of these teams are below .500 in the baseball betting so far this year it makes things even more interesting. It's more difficult to pick a bet on baseball winner, but interesting nonetheless.

In this type of baseball betting match up you cannot underestimate the power of the home field advantage, at least that's what many online betting experts will tell you. And in this bet on baseball circumstance, it would seem right on the money. The Padres are arguably the worst road team in baseball betting. With a paltry 9-23 record in all its bet on baseball opportunities, San Diego is a major underdog every time the team leaves the friendly confines of PetCo Field.

Not that the Mariners are a great team, but with that kind of baseball betting record on the road, the M's have to be the favorite in this baseball betting match up. Seattle is likely to send starter Garrett Olson to the mound which isn't all that reassuring to baseball betting fans considering that he's 2-1 with a 4.30 ERA. However, the Padres haven't been able to hit anything on the road this baseball betting season.

Adrian Gonzalez has been the lone bright spot for the Padres so far in the baseball betting. He's among the MLB HR leaders with 23. He's also got 45 RBIs, 46 runs and a .282 BA -but one bat isn't enough to make a successful baseball betting season. If San Diego is going to win this baseball batting match up he'll have to have a multi-homer game and hope for the best.

Seattle's closer, David Aardsma, has been very good this year and if the team can put up a few runs early, they should be able to protect the lead against the light hitting Padres and get the baseball betting victory.

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