Baseball Betting Outlook

September 6th, 2017 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting can be far more successful if you have a gambling outlook instead of a baseball outlook.

Baseball betting success requires an oddsmakers’ outlook rather than a public outlook. You really want to be more of an expert in MLB betting than in baseball itself. Remember that the baseball betting oddsmakers already know what you know. So rather than fight it, join it, and view baseball betting from the perspective of oddsmakers.

The oddsmakers know that the Yankees are loaded every year and they know that everyone else knows it too. That means they raise the price on the Yankees in MLB betting to compensate for this fact. The baseball betting oddsmakers know that the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are popular teams with a lot of sentimental appeal and will therefore adjust their baseball betting lines accordingly with high numbers to not only scare away potential action on these teams, but to actually make more money off of these teams.

The baseball betting oddsmakers know that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals are poor teams and they will adjust the baseball lines accordingly with super high odds to try and entice action on these teams. Rarely does the public like to bet teams that are not very good so the MLB betting oddsmakers must raise the price on these teams to make them more attractive.

The same thing happens with totals in baseball betting. San Diego’s Petco Park has become known as an under park and the baseball betting odds will reflect this fact. Wrigley Field gets a lot of attention in baseball betting because of the wind. If it is blowing out the totals will be high and if it is blowing in the totals will be low.

The baseball betting oddsmakers know what you know and more. If you want to win money in MLB betting you need to start thinking like them. You can’t think like the average bettor and expect to win money when betting baseball. Think of baseball more from an oddsmakers’ perspective rather than a public perspective and you will have a better chance to win money.

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