Baseball Betting: Orioles at Tigers August 5th

Baseball betting match ups with teams bearing animal names don’t happen as frequently as you might imagine.

Unlike other sports, there seems to be relatively fewer animal mascots in the bet on baseball competition than some of the other sporting leagues. But on August 5th, at least the zoologically bent baseball betting fans can feast on an all-animal match when the Baltimore Orioles travel to the Motor City to take on the Detroit Tigers.

Baseball betting will play host to more compelling games on this night and just as in real life, this competition of song bird and a carnivorous big cat, the Tigers will come out on top. In fact, this might be the most lopsided match up on the baseball betting board for August 5th. If you’re looking to make a baseball bet, this is close to a ‘sure thing’ as you’ll see in baseball betting. Of course, in baseball betting anything can happen on any given night, but according to the laws of baseball probability, the Tigers stand an amazingly good chance of winning this match up.

The Orioles have been in shambles since the days Ripken and Anderson and this baseball betting season the team has been especially bad with just 42 wins so far this season and a firm lock on last place in the AL East. The team has already given up on the 2009 campaign and whatever tradable pieces have been hung out as bait for the more competitive teams in baseball betting. With poor pitching and a meager offense the Birds awful baseball betting performance is no big surprise.

The Tigers should feast on these baseball betting lightweights and will almost certainly win the match up. Detroit (52-47) has a slim two-game lead on the White Sox and you can bet on baseball for them to win these gimmes at home. The Tigers are among the best in baseball betting at home (31-16) and will look to this series to help put some space between the team and the Sox.

Detroit’s pitching is finally playing up to its potential and its lineup is explosive. It can drive in runs from almost any position in the batting order with names like Granderson, Inge and Cabrera. With no intimidating pitchers the Birds have little chance of eking out a bet on baseball for this visit to Detroit.

If you’re looking to do some baseball betting on August 5th, you won’t find more compelling odds to bet on baseball. The Tigers will devour the Orioles.