Baseball Betting on the Red Sox at Yankees

Baseball betting does not get any better than this. If there is any series regular season baseball bet match ups that compare with the intensity of a World Series, this is it.

When the Red Sox travel to the new Yankee Stadium to take on the home team in this August 9th baseball betting gem, the rancor and animosity will be so thick it will have to buy an extra ticket.

Baseball betting is full of compelling and exciting match ups but nothing in the world of bet on baseball (or any American sport) compares to this match up. This isn’t a rivalry, it’s a war and the masses will be the beneficiaries of this exhibition of attrition.

After jumping out to a monster lead in the AL East earlier this season, the BoSox now find themselves in the position they hate the most: looking up in the standings at the Yankees. By mid-April the Bronx baseball betting fans were already calling for Joe Giardi’s head. Since then, A-Rod, the target of so much Bronx hatred, has returned to the field and while his production has been minimal by his own lofty standards, the team has flourished in the baseball betting standings. It has won more games than any other bet on baseball team during that stretch and it may just be the best team in baseball betting.

With a record of 62-39, the Yankees indeed have the best record and have won 8 of their last ten. The Red Sox have been going through their worst stretch of baseball betting season going 3-7 over the past ten games and falling behind their hated rivals by 3.5 games in the bet on baseball standings for the AL East.

But you can throw the records out the window when these two teams get together. In recent baseball betting history the Sox (58-42) have owned the Bronx Bombers. But that could change in this series as the Yankees are playing at a fevered pitch. All cylinders are hitting for this baseball betting juggernaut. The expensive arsenal of mercenary starting pitching is starting to play well and Marino Rivera is still the best closer in baseball betting. But the Yankee bats have been keeping this team atop the baseball betting standings with six players over 15 HRs and the best lineup from top to bottom in the league.

With all this going for the home team it might seem as if the Sox have no chance of victory in this baseball betting match up. But you’d be wrong. In recent editions of the AL East bet on baseball war the Sox have owned the Yanks. And that ownership will continue in this game as well.