Baseball Betting on the Blue Jays vs. A’s

May 15th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball enthusiasts everywhere are wondering whether or not ace Roy Hallady will still be a Toronto Blue Jay at the end of July. The bet on baseball world is gearing up for the late season pennant run and the big piece in the puzzle is what will become of Halladay and how he’ll affect the baseball betting pennant races. It’s hard to say, but if he still a part of the Tornonto organization on July 31st he’ll be alongside the Bay as the Blue Jays take on the Oakland A’s in the baseball betting completion.

Baseball betting pundits have breathlessly been chasing the Halladay story ever since the Toronto brass said that the ace would be available for trade should they reeive an apealling offer. They also said they’d be happy to keep Halladay so it may be that it’s much bet on baseball ado about nothing. Nonetheless, wherever Hallady ends up pitching he’ll be a major boost to any starting rotaion in baseball betting. With 11 wins and a 2.73 ERA he’s domainted the bet on baseball competition and upped his trade value with a complete game baseball betting gem in his first start after the Allstar break.

The A’s have very little connection the Allstar break with relatively little talent on the roster and almost no decent batting. The A’s production at the plate has been among the worst in baseball betting. The team’s 39-53 record in the baseball betting is the result of this poor hitting. But the pitching has been nearly equally abysmal. In fact, there is little reason to think that the A’s will win this game. Even with homefield advantage the A’s have mustered only a 21-25 record in its bet on baseball opportunities.

The Blue Jays are actually playing a much better team than the record indicates but have the baseball betting misfortune of playing in the AL East. Aaron Hill and Adam Lind have been a fantastic duo at the plate with 20 HRs each and both batting near .300 in the baseball betting. The bull pen has been very weak for this team however and no lead has been safe this baseball betting season.

Oakland could win this match up mediocrity but the stats seem to point to a Toronto win. If Hallady is still with Jays and gets the start in this baseball betting match up pick the Blue Jays all the way. If not, it could be a wild game between two sub-par starters, questionable relievers and batting lineups that leave something to be desired.


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