Baseball Betting Preview: Mets vs. Yankees in the Subway Series

September 6th, 2017 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting has many memorable and amazing sportsbook rivalries. But you would be hard pressed to find any better than the legendary bet on baseball “Subway Series” featuring New York’s baseball betting finest.

On Sunday June 28th these hated rivals will square off in what will be the most entertaining baseball betting series of the weekend.

Baseball betting fans might argue that the Red Sox Yankees series is a better bang for your bet on baseball buck and they might be right. But there is no way that you can’t get excited for this baseball betting contest if you’re a sportsbook fan.

To start with, these are two of the highest profile teams in baseball betting. They’re both chock-full of talented All Stars and have the bloated payrolls to prove it. Plus this thing is going to go down in the Big Apple, the center of the universe, baseball betting or otherwise.

But what really gives this bet on baseball action some sizzle is the fact that the Yankees have had so much success and the Mets remain the baseball betting bridesmaid. The fans out in Flushing Meadows would love to stick it to their cross-town rivals in what could be biggest baseball betting series of the year for both teams.

Both teams have been impressive so far in the baseball betting, which makes this baseball betting match up all the more interesting. While neither team leads their respective baseball betting division they’re both in second place. The Yankees (38-30) are 3.5 games back while the Mets (34-32) are just 1.5 games back.

The Yankees will have the advantage in this match up as they’ll be hosting the event in the palatial new Yankee Stadium. Being as they’ll be playing in New York, the home field advantage loses some its luster. But if you’re looking to bet on baseball action take the Yankees for another reason. CC Sabathia (6-4, 3.67 ERA) is scheduled to start this game for the Bronx Bombers. The Mets will be on the bottom of their pitching rotation and throwing out their worst starter. Yanks should have a big baseball betting advantage as a result.

However, if we’ve learned anything from watching these two teams play in recent years, and especially this year, you should expect the unexpected. And considering the cat fight that broke out several weeks ago at Citi Field, there should be fireworks in New York on June 28th.

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