Baseball Betting: Mariners vs. Dodgers

Baseball betting is not the most popular of all the major sports betting options, but on June 26 it will be about the only major sport in action.

So if you like to bet on baseball it’s going to be a big night for you as the baseball betting calendar is full. One game that might be of interest to West Coast fans is the Seattle Mariners vs. the LA Dodgers.

Baseball betting enthusiasts should get out their cash now and prepare to bet big. This game will feature the best team on the West Coast (by a mile) against the worst team on the West Coast (by a mile) and that formula should make for a great bet on baseball opportunity.

Representing the National League in this inter league baseball betting show down is the Dodgers. The Dodgers are only the best team in West Coast. Representing the AL is the much less accomplished baseball betting door mat, the Mariners.

Depending on whose on the mound this match up should lack very little drama. Seattle has a record of 33-34 –not terrible, but it’s the closest this team has been to .500 in like 10 baseball betting seasons. It does have some bright spots though, like starter Felix Hernandez who leads the team with 7 wins, 2.77 ERA and 91 innings pitched. He could be best young pitcher in baseball betting. And if he had any type of run support he’d be a sure bet on baseball pitching glory.

But he won’t be on the mound that night and the aforementioned ‘run support’ will also likely be absent from this baseball betting match up. Ichiro continues to put up eye-popping numbers but as a singles hitter there’s not a lot he can do by himself to help his team’s baseball betting chances. No one is driving him in and aside from the surprising Russell Branyan no one has anything approaching power in this baseball betting lineup –sadly that includes the legend, Ken Griffey Jr.

LA is everything that Seattle is not. The Dodgers starting rotation is one of the best in NL baseball betting. At the plate Joe Torre has turned this team of hackers into a team of hitters. Right now the team can do no wrong when it comes to baseball betting match ups and with a 19-14 record on the road and just a few hours of travel time needed, playing in a hostile environment should matter little in this bet on baseball show down.

Dodgers should win the first of this three game series.

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