Baseball Betting – Longest Active Consecutive Game Streak Ends

Baseball betting on Tuesday was marked by the end of a very long streak. San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez did not play on Tuesday, ending the longest active streak of consecutive games played.

Bet on baseball numbers show that the streak was the longest in Padres history at 314 straight games.

Baseball betting stats tell us that Gonzalez broke Steve Garvey’s San Diego record for most games played which Garvey held at 305. “I've been able to relax,” the Gonzalez said, “It's been good and I'll get another day off Monday so we'll be good for the stretch run.”

Baseball betting tells us that Gonzalez didn’t think much of the record. “Because I've never been a guy who looks at those kind of things. For me, there's just more than being in the game.” Gonzalez said, “The travel caught up with me,” Gonzalez said. “I got heavy legs from those trips. If I had been needed to pinch-hit or go in as a defensive replacement, I would have. But there was nothing urgent.”

Not many gamblers who bet on baseball at the sportsbook want to take San Diego right now. Gonzalez is about the only player they have left who can impact baseball betting.  The team is a major mess and a baseball betting loser. The team traded away Jake Peavy and they would have traded Gonzalez had the gotten the right offer.  There is just not much to like about the Padres in baseball betting.

San Diego has even slipped to a losing record at home in baseball betting at the online sportsbook. On the road they are a disaster in baseball betting but until recently they had at least been worth a shot at home. Those days may be over now. There is just not a lot of reason to like San Diego when you bet on baseball at the sportsbook. The Padres are right at the bottom in hitting in baseball betting stats and their pitching is not a whole lot better ranking near the bottom as well in baseball betting. 

Gamblers who bet on baseball at the online sportsbook are oftentimes looking for underdogs and for value in baseball betting. They may not find much with San Diego since the Padres don’t have much talent other than Adrian Gonzalez and as we saw earlier, he can even take a day off.