The Baseball Betting Line and Your Bankroll

April 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

If you enter the baseball betting season without a bankroll/money management plan, then do yourself a favor and don’t bother, as you won’t last a month, if that long versus the baseball line. You must have a bankroll and a plan of attack when baseball lines. Baseball betting line winning begins by determining what your actual bankroll truly is.

This would be the amount of money that, in a worse case scenario, you would be willing to lose versus baseball lines during the season and after you have accounted for your day-to-day living expenses and obligations. Once you have that amount set you next should come up with a percentage of your bankroll that you are willing to wager against the baseball line. Another intelligent way to allocate your bankroll when betting baseball lines would be to split it into weekly amounts.

For example, the baseball season is approximately twenty-five weeks in length. If you started the season with a $25,000 gambling bankroll you could then allocate $1000 per week for the entire season of baseball lines. With a $2500 bankroll you could allocate $100 per week during the season for your wagers versus the baseball line.

No matter what weekly allotment that you decide to make, the advantages should be obvious. You avoid the potential of blowing your entire bankroll with a bad week or two versus the baseball betting line and are better able to absorb overall losing weeks. By the same token, you protect yourself from getting carried away versus the baseball line and bumping up your action. Once you devise a weekly amount for your wagering versus the baseball line you next should further divide that amount by the seven days of the week, or come up with a specific percentage or allocation to wager with for each bet that you make versus the baseball line, side or total.

Some players like to stay with the set amount when winning versus baseball lines but other players like to bump up their wagers with a set percentage that revolves, meaning that they will bet more when winning versus the baseball betting line as the weekly bankroll is larger and less when losing for the same reason.


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