Baseball Betting in Units

If you haven’t already noticed, it is tougher to keep track of baseball bets than it is in other sports. The reason for this is that baseball is a money line sport.

Because baseball is a money line sport it can be a little bit tricky to talk about units. A simple way to look at units in baseball betting is that you play all of your games to win $100 on favorites and bet a flat $100 on underdogs. Some baseball handicappers will use other betting systems and we will look at those as well.

The first baseball betting option in terms of units is the one we discussed where you bet to win $100 on favorites and bet a flat amount of $100 on underdogs. For example, you might have a -180 favorite which means you risk $180 to win $100 on the favorite. On underdogs you would risk the flat $100 on each wager. For example, if an underdog was plus $160 you would risk $100 to win that amount.

The next option is to just bet baseball for a specific unit each time. For example, you might bet $100 per game regardless of favorite or underdog. That means in that previous example you would bet $100 on the -180 favorite and win only $55 on your wager. You would bet $100 on the underdog and win $160. This is not the favorite way for baseball betting players to bet baseball.

Another baseball betting option for units is to bet to win $100 regardless of the favorite or the dog. It is simple in the favorite example because you risk $180 to win $100. In the underdog situation it is a little bit trickier. If you had a +160 underdog you would risk about $63. This baseball betting money management system is one that many people employ.

Whatever baseball betting unit system you choose for your money management is up to you, but remember to make it simple so you can track your wagers throughout the baseball season.

You might a -150 favorite combined with a +130 underdog, etc. This makes it an interesting topic when it comes to baseball betting units and one in which there is a bit of disagreement between baseball gambling players.