The Baseball Betting Board

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting players will notice that reading the baseball betting board is a bit different than reading the betting board for other sports.

Baseball betting is about a money line sport that is not concerned with point spreads. The only thing the MLB betting gambler is worried about is winning the game.

Baseball betting is definitely impacted by the starting pitchers in the game.  They are listed on the baseball betting board next to the odds for the game. If it happens that a starting pitcher gets scratched it is possible your bet will be no action but that depends upon whether or not you specified the starting pitcher.

So what does that mean in MLB betting? Specifying pitchers or listing pitchers as it is called is listing a pitcher or both pitchers in baseball betting. In baseball betting at an online sportsbook then most of the time the box next to the pitchers name is already checked. That means if there is a pitching change on the game, which rarely happens, there will be no action if you listed pitchers in baseball betting.

If you unchecked those boxes that would mean you don’t care who is pitching and will have action regardless of if there is a pitching change or not in baseball betting. Also remember that in the rare occasion there is a pitching change that all totals and run line wagers that were made with the original pitchers are no longer valid with the pitching change in baseball betting. You would have to make those wagers again with the new pitchers in MLB betting.

When you are looking at the baseball betting board you will see the teams listed, the starting pitchers, the money line and the total. It would be similar to this:

Atlanta Braves Hudson    +120
San Diego Padres Peavy   -130 7.5 under -130

In this case the Padres are the baseball betting favorite and you risk $130 for every $100 you want to win on San Diego and get back $120 for every $100 you risk on the Braves. The total is 7.5 under meaning you risk $130 for every $100 you want to win on the under in MLB betting and get +110 for every $100 you want on the over. You also may see the run line option where you can either lay or take 1.5 runs instead of the money line in baseball betting.

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